social media marketing with 3arboon


social media marketing with 3arboon

Did u ask what is the meaning of social media marketing / digital marketing / E-marketing ,……, etc?

Did u ask what is 3arboon?

Now u can breath we will explain all in this blog,

when you want to buy thing or marketing a product to buy it and use social media sites to make ads for this product and explain advantages of the product and its price ,the results are the reactions from members of the group or the page you posted on it.

what the types of the reactions from people?

may be like the post , like and comment on the post to ask for details  or like and send a message to the poster to buy it and agree on delivery method.

OK this is good but not very good

a good thing you can sell and buy using social media

but the bad thing if the poster brings the product and before delivering the buyer Falling back !!!!

or if the buyer send the money first then the seller doesn’t deliver the product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or if the buyer delivered the product and he/she discovered that this product  not original or not work !!!!!!!!!!!

how the behavior with these situations, for me no solution but losing the money or the product .

OK this is for the social media marketing, but what about 3arboon ?!

first , 3arboon is app or platform for sell and buy online

oh , what is the different social media websites be used to sell and buy?!

yes you are right but social media marketing doesn’t provide security or successful buying and selling operation?

3arboon is considered integrate with social media websites . then what is the 3arboon ‘s idea or how to work?

ok, i will explain using a situation.

i am a marketer or seller want to sell a product then i make ads on sell and buy groups on social media , when a person want to buy this product then go to 3arboon app and select the name of the seller (marketer and group admin on Facebook or whats app) and the product and send buy order to him then 3arboon  take money from buyer and doesn’t send money to seller until buyer send (i delivered the product and it is as i agree) and the seller send to 3arboon that he send the product to the buyer .

3arboon guarantees the product for  The seller and the money for the buyer.

for participate its free you can make  an account on https://www.3arboon.com

and for more details you can visit this link: https://www.3arboon.com/how-to-profit-from-facebook-or-whats-app/

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