How to profit from Facebook or Whats App?


Most people may know the social networking site Facebook or WhatsApp, and how these sites have succeeded in spreading globally, which has made the return on investment of these companies very large in a few years, and this is our topic today.

how to get the most benefit from these sites?

We know that it is not only sites to share publications and connect with friends, but investment companies that we can profit from, and next I will discuss how to make this a reality and steady income for you.

There are two ways to profit from groups,

the first is to create a group whose members can share photos, postings, or something related to the group’s content, so you can create your own product group, and upload product images to the group, the product will see all members of the group, With you to order the product, so you marketed your product, and made profits without loss of huge costs in creating your own shop.

Here’s how to create a group and start your business now?

1) You must have an account on Facebook and an account and account to create a group on it.
2) Once you’ve created your account, you can create your group from the create group.
3) You must choose an attractive and interesting name, and reflect the content of your product.
4) Invite your friends to become members of the group.
5) Make them call their friends to increase the number of members of the group.
6) Make a competition for members of the group so that adds the largest number of members during a certain period wins the product.
7) After you promote the group and increase its membership, everyone who likes a product will communicate with you and request the product, thus achieving the highest profit.
8) After the product arrives for the customer, ask him to write a review about the quality of your product, to increase the confidence of the group members in the product and to encourage them to buy the product.
9) Do not forget to make offers on your products and discounts to attract the largest number of members.
10) You must deal with a reliable and fast shipping company to deliver the product in order to satisfy the customer for the whole purchase process.
11) Good dealing with customers and the speed of response to them affects the increase in profits in the affirmative.
12) You should provide a good quantity of your product for fast shipment of the product.

You might wonder how your money gets to you?

There are many ways in which a customer can send money through them, for example:

1) Send money to your bank account directly.
2) Or if you have an account on an electronic bank such as PayPal or paysera.
3) or payment upon receipt.
4) or through the application of a deposit is an alternative to pay on receipt and increases the trust between you and the client and ensure the right of both parties.

If we can collect profit features from groups in the following:
• Providing the cost of building a shop and its workers.
• The speed of promotion of your product.
• Sell widely and not just your city.
• Frequent customers and easy to display products.

The second way to profit from groups :

You will be charged a commission on every sale and purchase made through the group.
Your profit rate is 1% on each purchase, but it is very important that the group is promoted and has a large number of active members, so that more deals are made on the group to increase your profits from the deals.

Here are some important steps to increase the number of members of your group:

1. The group should be named with a name that indicates its content and not your name, so that everyone interested in the content of the group will join.
2. Continuous dissemination of the group and increased interaction among members through publications discussing a topic.
3. Invite members of the group to post their ads and products and share the group on their pages.
4. Work contests motivate people to join the group.
5. Sign up for a deposit as an agent and use a deposit in the member transactions on the group.
6. Disclaimer of members using the special link from a group deposit application when creating a purchase order.
7 – Working to establish a group for each area and work to promote and add members interested in every area ..

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